Moving my blog

I have a that speaks about my passions for fine art, interior design and architecture. (check out the icon below or You already know the disciplines connect holistically to each other, as you can't be an architect without grasping principals of positive space, negative space, line, form, tension, gestalt philosophy, etc. And you aren't a good designer if you can't understand the power of thirds and geometry. The greatest graphic designer: Leonard DaVinci in my opinion. On this blog I will probably talk more about the digital design world: animation, motion design, web design, usability, art therapy, and experience design. Whatever is feeding my soul at the moment.

For starters, if you are interested in UX design, there is a plethora of information. What of my favorite UI designers is Jacob Linuski.

He's a guru in the art of persuasion. Is that deceptive marketing? No, because we all have prime motivators and as UI / UXD designers who provide a service or an experience, you need to know what their prime motivators are. Agreed!